Rob Kenefeck, Senior Consultant at Servian

Posted on 09/05/2022

I’ve worked with Craig from both sides of the recruitment table, as a hiring manager and an applicant. In both scenarios, Craig went above and beyond what I could have expected from a recruiter. Craig takes the time to get to know his potential candidates and clients, he was on the phone to me often checking in during the process (even when there was no good news to report) and was candid and honest. It helps that Craig knows what he doesn’t know, and could often be found at MeetUps learning about upcoming technologies that excite the tech candidates he needed to work with. While many recruiters stood at the back drinking the free beers and eating the pizza and looking for potential work – Craig had a real interest in the presentations and asked relevant questions from the middle of the crowd.

If you are looking to fill a role, or are looking for the next challenge – Craig is definitely your best choice. Most other recruiters just aren’t in his league.