Pierre, Network Consultant

Posted on 09/05/2022

I met with Craig only a few months after I arrived in Melbourne, and I straight-away knew that he was not any random recruiter you can find out there. First and foremost because he does not recruit in anything: he mainly specialises in network / security / cloud / systems which has allowed him to really know the industry and its key people. Consequently, he also knows what skills to look for, go beyond a resume, a list of certifications or a check-list given by the customer to truly identify talent where it lies, and find the best fit for the customer’s team.

Craig really cares about people and back then, when things were not going well for me, he was there trying to help me, even if he was “just” a recruiter! He helped me find that job that has allowed me to be where I am now. Later down the track our paths crossed again, he found me another job by calling me the very day my contract ended! He did everything he could to make his consultants and the customer happy.

Craig is also a fun and pleasant person to work with, really open minded with a great spirit. I would recommend working with him as a candidate or as a client without a doubt.