Patrick Conheady, Tax, DevOps, automation

Posted on 09/05/2022

If I could give one tip to someone trying to break into the IT industry, it would be: ring Craig.

Forget all the horror stories about recruiters churning through names and resumes. In the proper sense of the word, a recruiter is a knowledgeable, trusted broker, a recruiter is someone who has relationships with businesses and with talent, and can hook you up. Craig is a recruiter.

I was new to the IT industry. Craig took the time to get to know me, he took me out to coffee, he gave me tips about how to break into the industry. These are your strengths, these are your weaknesses. He showed me which meetups to go to, which online courses to take, and he introduced me to industry contacts. He worked with me to present my little bit of relevant experience in a way employers would respond to. And he got me an interview at a consulting firm where I never thought I would have had a shot. The rest is history: I love this job and I just got promoted too. Craig got me that start. Thankyou Craig.