Mulvina (Molly) Rowe, We’re Hiring! – Head of People and Culture at RecordPoint

Posted on 09/05/2022

I first met Craig through an introduction at an Infracoders meetup in Melbourne years ago, he stood out from the crowd of recruiters easily; a genuine and friendly person, really there to build relationships. Since then I have worked with Craig multiple times across different businesses, knowing that when I’m stuck Craig will always come through.

He’s filled more than a dozen roles for me over the past 3 years, with quality candidates who are good technical fits, good cultural fits and also just generally good people.

He inherently understands mine and my business’ needs, delivers on time and on budget and is genuinely a pleasure to work with.

Craig and the whole Red Resources team make doing business a pleasure, and I cannot recommend working with them enough.

Whether you’re a candidate or a business that needs recruitment help, Craig makes sure that everyone is happy with every deal by making good matches based on skills and culture, not just his bottom line.