Kim Shepherd, Senior Consultant at Servian

Posted on 09/05/2022

I’ve worked with dozens of recruiters throughout my career but I have never had an experience like working with Craig. When I found out I needed to move from Brisbane to Melbourne with about a months notice, an ad on seek caught my attention so much I immediately picked up the phone. After a chat I sent through my resume and I moved on with my job search. Craig read my resume, called me right back and let me know of another position that he thought would be a good fit. He set up two interviews before I’d even properly started on my job hunt. The first would have been a good fit, but the job he recommended with Vibrato (now Servian) is by far the best of my career. You can look through his other recommendations and see that my experience is no exception, I work with a first class team who love what we are doing and he connected many of us.

Craig still keeps in touch and though we’ve only had the chance to meet in person a handful of times, it’s like chatting to an old mate. If you are thinking of exploring new career opportunities: give Craig a call. If you need some first class talent: give Craig a call. If you need talent but don’t work with recruiters, just have a quick chat, there is more than one who makes an exception for Craig.